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Can you guess what it is?

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It is stainless steel. Shaped into a hook.


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The longest section looks almost like the part of a pair of spectacles which goes over the ears because it is flat and not rounded.


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Amazing animals.

Birmingham-based master craftsman James Doran-Webb (pictured on horse) spent a  painstaking six months assembling the sculptures as part of celebrations to mark  Chinese New Year in Singapore

“People say mice don’t swim, but they’re a close relative of rats which love the water. Besides, I scoop them up within seconds of a wipe-out out and I’ve never lost one yet.”A radical rodent hangs 10 at Runaway Bay on the Gold Coast. Picture: Tim Marsden




Uitstekend (Wrecking Ball parody) deur Rea Le Roux

Watter deel was jou gunsteling?

My gunsteling deel is die `lek van die strykyster’ :D



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Interesting websites.

If you enjoy seeing how things work you will love these two websites.


Use the toggles to make the figure walk more femine or manly, or more happy.

Very well done is my rating.

engine working

Watch how the engine of a car works. Very interesting for someone like me who knows very little about cars.

These are interesting websites with people with too much time on there artistic hands.


facial expressions drawings

Drawing facial expressions.

coin designs

Lastly, a lucky escape.

Sunset during summer creating different shades of blue.

sunset clouds 2278 (2)


Taken today, pale winter sky not showing enough blue so I added denim to it … haha

denim shades of blue

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