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We have had an extremely dry Winter and start to Spring, so it is with much joy that we received a good shower of rain early yesterday evening. The dried out lawn really needed this watering.


rain soaked lawn

rain puddle

rain wygelia



Sunset during summer creating different shades of blue.

sunset clouds 2278 (2)


Taken today, pale winter sky not showing enough blue so I added denim to it … haha

denim shades of blue

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I used PhotoScape to edit/photoshop these photos.

flw pomergranate (4) puzzle

flw pomergranate (4) newsprint

flw pomergranate (4) blue

flw pomergranate (4) aged

flw pomergranate (4)

Original :)

** * * * **

Recently when I had problems with my computer I took a photo of the cables in case I had a problem assembling everything again. While I was casually playing around with photo affects for this weekend’s Sunday Stills challenge I accidently created this cool effect by reversing colours.

neon cables

this is addictive one more ;)

rusty bolts reversed

Sunrise … birds preening after splashing in a bird bath.

bird early in the morning (s8)

bird early in the morning (s3)

bird early in the morning (s2)


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We went outside one cold winters morning to find an abused, abandoned and freezing puppy who barked at me and was terrified. We fed him and gave him a warm place to sleep. He eventually settled down and I taught him to trust again and we have a very strong bond. He is super intelligent and watches my hands all the time to see my commands. All I have to do is point and he knows “go” we and going for a walk.

companion black dog waiting 290613

Our black dog, protecting us since 2004. Lovable and playful he has stolen my heart completely.


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Karoo thrush fleeting Karoo thrush fleeting (3)brwn veined butterfls (12) brwn veined butterfls (13)

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