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In February we had to sign a receipt of a letter. informing us that the corperate body taking over our small company, is considering restructuring and retrenchment. A month later they have completed discussions with the unions of the black workers and we were all summond for a meeting.
The corporation spokesman was the HR manager and he started out by saying “we thought we were getting a Ferari but we bought a Fiat thus retrenchment is unavoidable”. Basically we must come up with an alternative plan or retrenchments will go ahead. My brother who knows more about this than me says, it is so that if the unions object to the retrenchments, the corporate body can say we gave you an opportunity to supply alternate solutions.
Those on the short list have these options: “The minimum severance package payable to the employee is equal to one week’s salary or wage for every year of service the employee completed at the employer. The employee is first given the choice to accept a severance package and therefore to be retrenched voluntarily.” 
They will return next Tuesday to hear what we suggest. Although they say they do not have anything in mind yet, you get the feeling that they already have a goal in mind. It might even be to close our company and merge the assets into the corporation.

Stuff on my mind …

On my way to work in the mornings, I tune into Wackhead Simpson’s radio show. He has this segment where they ask a caller 10 questions for a chance to win R10 000 if they answer all the questions correctly.
What I find surprising is that a lot of callers fail on idioms like “chip off the old – - – - -“, “beauty is skin – - – -“, “kill two – - – - – with one stone”. Yet questions on Justin Bieber are easily answered.
FRIENDLY WARNING: A while back I posted about my concerns regarding these cars offered from R499 no deposit no residual and you end up driving an advertisement. Well as mentioned in my previous post Martie my office mate’s husband bought one of these vehicles for her.
If you are like me, in that you want to be able to wrap your hands around a person’s neck and throttle him/her when you get bad service then do not go into one of these deals.
When you have a query or a problem there is no one to contact. You call a number and they politely cut you off … over … and … over again.
They enticed people to buy vehicles no deposit no residual and for a fixed agreed period you get R1 000 refund on your monthly installment if you drive for more than 2000km a month. BUT Without warning everyone who expected to get R1 000 off find that the agreements were terminated without any prior warning.
IMPORTANT WARNING FOR SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS: Criminals were able to get hold of some expensive machinery by stealing a credit application of a legitimate business and applying for credit with us. Naturally the account was approved and the machines were collected but when our rep went out to give the customer a courtesy call he was informed that they do not work with metal. We tried to set a trap when the criminals wanted to collect more machines but someone tipped them off.
I am still waiting for the retrenchments announcement but this is delayed while they conclude talks with the union.
To read more complaints on Drive Car Sales

What I discovered when I did an online search on Gobetweenflames:
One website claimed “ it is ranked #10,458,153 in the world” … Really!?
Another asked “How did get a Trust Score of 80%?” … I am not familiar with this website so I did not venture there – I know that I post 100% safe content.

This image was linked by Buzzfeed from my blog

I also found that in 2012 someone had me on their WordPress blogroll but I don’t remember this blogger at all.
I learnt that using the url to link a photo to your blog is not a very good idea because websites move or delete their content and then the image becomes unloadable after a certain period. It is advisable to save the image to your library and to give credit to the source.
The image search was wonderful and if you are going to do a search on yourself you must do this it was like going down memory lane. Quite revealing it shows personal photos, my interests and my favourites.
search google
search on bing
search yahoo
Thank you for reading this post. I dare you to do a post similar to this one on yourself and link back here sothat I can learn more about you! :)

I’m back :)

For 5 weeks I had internet according to my service provider and Telkom. When evening arrived the internet signal became so weak that the Browser logo could not display never mind open any websites. In desperation I pleaded, I yelled and I threatened and all said the problem is either with my computer or the Telkom exchange. I explained I have a brand new version of Kaspersky Internet Security if only I could get a strong enough internet signal I could update it.
Every 3 days I reported the fault and a `technician’ was sent out and I would get a sms that the problem has been sorted out and if I have any other problems I should go to a certain website. The link is 3 lines long and I entered it into the browser at work and it did not work. The link was not correct. I left it for another week.
Finally I did a search for Telkom fault escalation form and came to this website I reported the fault Friday evening. Saturday morning the Telkom technician arrives and at the exchange he flipped a switch from no.1 area to no.2 area and viola my internet woes disappeared.
~ * ~ * ~
I think my restructuring and retrenchment meeting is tomorrow. Those who have had their turn say it is typical corporate attitude: cold, unfriendly and to the point. Some were told outright that no positions were available for them in the new merger and they are advised to accept the retrenchment package offered. The union is retaliating.
Last Thursday I went into the office of one of the directors (from the old management) we don’t like each other much and we are always in loggerheads because he makes deals with customers by supplying stock at extended terms and as credit controller this makes my life hell. He stopped me and took a sticky notepad and wrote in capital letters on it “YOU DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT YOUR JOB” it took me by surprise because we have orders not to discuss this amongst ourselves. It was a very nice thing for him to do because I am concerned but imagine the worried state I would have been this whole weekend.
They can still tell me that the current business will be closed and I must go work at another branch … only time will tell what my future in the company will be. Very worrying indeed.
I think my financial manager who is going for chemo treatment every 3 weeks will be retrenched. This will create a major change in the way things are now. New staff new methods. I hope it will all be good and an opportunity to learn new things. They also want to change the accounting package to Pastel Evolution or SAP.

Connection woes.

I’m very annoyed at the moment with my internet connection woes. From 6:30pm to 8:30pm I have no connection. I have phoned Mweb 4 times in the last 3 weeks and I have done all their ping tests and no one can tell me what the problem is. Mweb says it is not on their side. Telkom says it is not on their side.
When I do get a little burst of internet I find that the WordPress reader does not work or maybe my internet isn’t strong enough to load it so I can’t see the posts my blogging friends have written. Urgh!

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