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Caught on tape.

Heart Failure

I wish I had know this a week ago. My mom’s ankles look like this but because she was coughing I assumed she had flu.
heart failure
When she finally agreed to let me take her to the GP he sent her straight to hospital. Today she was joking and said she can’t wait to get home and have a proper meal.

Royal Cheek


Pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge’s bare bottom have been posted online by a German magazine, Bild.

kate middleton bottom 1


kate middletong bottom 2

German newspaper Bild features the shot on their website along with another picture of Kate in Canada in 2011 when her yellow Jenny Packham dress did exactly the same thing.

Both pictures were taken shortly after she disembarked from a helicopter, with the wind from the propellers causing her dress to blow up.

The photographs have sparked comments online about why Kate doesn’t wear weights in her hems like the Queen to avoid future wardrobe mishaps.

One Twitter user wrote: “Why doesn’t she weight her hems?”


Kate’s sister also in the news recently because of her bottom ….

A leading French royal expert has accused Pippa Middleton of creating a ‘false bottom’ when she was bridesmaid of honour at the Royal Wedding.”

” A London spa owner once claimed that she normally has a flat bottom”






I don’t understand how people can think that solid walls can keep them safe. If you are behind a solid high fence no one will see when you are in danger.


JOHANNESBURG – David Evans and his wife Megan had just arrived home on Saturday night, May 17, after competing in the Sani2C challenge when three armed, young, black men held them up at their home in Blairgowrie, Johannesburg.

“We just unpacked the car and I was about to go out and get takeaways when I pulled out of the driveway and a silver Mercedes Benz pulled up behind me,” said Evans.

“At this point I was just feeling relieved that it was only me and not my wife. I didn’t want anything to happen to her.”

Evans, manager at a local adventure store, Drifters, says he must have pressed the hooter by accident as his wife Megan then came running out of the house.

“When I heard her voice my whole world just collapsed,” he told

The gunmen then threatened to shoot him if his wife didn’t open the gate and let them into the house.

The gunmen went into the house and stole laptops, jewelry and cellphones. The whole ordeal lasted about five minutes said Evans.

Evans said he uploaded the videos of the attack onto Youtube because he wants others to be aware of their safety and how this gang operates.

“We’ve lived in Blairgowrie for 22 months and had three break-ins and this now this incident – it’s becoming a warzone here,” he said.

Police from Linden responded to the scene quickly.

In February and March this year, a group with the same modus operandi held up people in Germiston, Brackendowns and other areas in the south of Johannesburg. The gang is named after the silver Mercedes Benz C Class with tinted windows, which is used in each incident.

The SAPS’s Lieutenant-Colonel Katlego Mogale said they are still investigating and collating the information about the different incidents before they can comment on whether or not it is the same gang.

“Crime intelligence will determine whether or not the incidents are linked and if so they will probably be charged with armed robbery,” said Mogale.




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