After I had my car serviced in March the mechanic suggested I take it in to have the exhaust checked.  I postponed it because there were so many holidays with Easter etc.
Last weekend the weather was cold and windy and I stayed in. On Monday morning I felt guilty – I should have done more with my weekend.
Well yesterday I left early and made sure I was first on their ramp to be helped. The guy just bumped the exhaust a few times with the palm of his hand and told me everything was fine. He did not look like he was in the mood to do any work so that was a wasted effort.
The weather was warm and it was early so what does a girl do? Shopping of course!
Then this morning I forced myself to sleep in a little. This habit I have of jumping up at 3am is not doing me any favours.  I got coffee in bed and by 8h30 I got up and saw it was great outside so that is where I went.
I was busy trimming a thorny bush when my dear neighbour from across the road opened his gate and pulled out his car.
Not wanting to seem rude I waved and said “Good morning T…” he reluctantly came over to speak to me. It annoyed me because firstly he could have just waved and left it there instead of making out as if I was forcing him to come over and talk to me and secondly because I can’t stand it when someone comes and gives me advice when I am busy, covered in mud and dead leaves.
T…  then said “I have been watching you, you have so much patience!” (What! #@!) I know he likes keeping tabs on me but saying that he has been watching me made my skin crawl. I feel permanently like I’m going through PMS, I want to kill everyone in sight and he thinks I have patience.
T…  left and I was thinking too much of him (I was standing on an overturned bucket and did not realise what I was doing) while trying to take a back step off the bucket and put my shoes on at the same time I slipped and fell into the muddy bedding. I got up with a not impressed look on my face. While removing the mud from between my toes I thanked my lucky stars that I did not break anything.
Well at least Monday morning I can say I did not spend the whole weekend blogging.