I have something on my mind … and if you are a man reading this please leave a comment too. I have been wandering a lot lately about what a man looks for in a woman. Maybe I am unfair in my conclusions but let me explain:
    AC has just turned 50 and he tells me that he misses his wife, who passed away about 5 years ago, and he is ready to marry again. I find this amusing because when they told her she had cancer AC went on an extended business trip (in my opinion pleasure trip) and left his wife to deal with it on her own.
AC adds that his prospective wife must be young and willing to travel. I’m a realist so this seems so stupid to me. A young wife would want a career, home and family where a wife closer to AC’s age would be interested in travelling and pilgrimages.
AC is a rabbi and has never held a job where he actually earned any money so I think he should be looking for a wife who is willing to travel, pay all expenses, be creative in the bedroom yet be a proper preacher’s wife in public.
    RB is 35 and he has been married for about 10 years to a woman who is 5 years older than him and he has started an affair with a woman who works at the same company he does. RB says he feels his wife is too old for him. RB’s wife has noticed that there is a problem in their relationship but although she has asked RB and his family if they know what is the cause of the change in his attitude no one seems to have the guts to tell her the truth, it is easier for RB just to continue cheating on her.
    AG who is 90 tells me: he misses sex and he wants a woman but he is too set in his ways to ever get married again. AG thinks women are germ spreaders and money grabbers.
So now I am wondering does it mean that once you turn 35 no man will ever be interested in you again. Are you classified as an old hag?