Our dog is a very good little dog. He does not stand at the gate and bark aimlessly like most of our neighbours’ dogs. Last weekend I heard a few strange little barks from him and then I could hear him running around. The sounds were different than usual and I decided to investigate.

I was extremely surprise to see another dog in the backyard with him. Luckily there was a lot of tail wagging and sniffing going on and no fighting.

When we adopted our stray dog he was scared of people and we got the impression that someone had maltreated him. So we never got him a mate thinking that he would be too aggressive.

The puzzle was; how did another dog get into our yard? I went to the back door and the dog saw me and ran. By the time I was outside he had vanished.

About 20 minutes later the strange dog was back. I was determined to find out how this dog was able to enter our yard. I went to a window where I can see the gate and was just in time to see the fox terrier come and hook his forearms over the crossbars and push up with his hind legs, hook his forearms on a higher cross bar, push himself up with his hind legs until he reached the top of our very high gate and then he positioned himself on top of the gate and leaped and landed awkwardly.

I was very annoyed. I don’t want strange dogs in our yard and perhaps teaching our good dog to do naughty things. What if the dog broke a leg when landing from his leap from the gate?

We tied a piece of metal grid to the gate and the dog was not able to hook his arms through anymore. If I had not seen it with my own eyes I would not have believed that a little dog can climb that high.

We asked the neighbours and no one could tell us who the owners of the fox terrier were.