First of all – note to myself: remember to punish Sideview because every time I tried to start this I ended up snacking instead of writing.

To me comfort food is mom’s cooking.

I am reminded of nostalgic memories:

Rainy days: coming home to warm delicious thick soups, fresh crisp bread with a thick layer of butter.

Being sick with flu: and caringly fed homemade chicken soup.

Studying: late into the night and being treated to a large mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Sunday lunch: delicious lamb roast, rice, gravy and vegetables. 

The puddings: ginger, date and nut pudding with custard. Ice-cream with fruit salad. Soft sweet milk tart.

Cold winter days: eating curry stew and chutney or warm meaty pies.

Sunday mornings: toast and eggs or pancakes and syrup or waffles and cream.

Salads: the most mouth-watering potato salad and Greek salad with olives and feta cheese.

Now you know what comfort food is to me.