I was fairly close to work this morning when the Metro cops halted the flow of traffic because of a pedestrian which had been knocked down. They kept everyone at a distance because it was horrible (I think the corpse was headless).

When I’m stuck in traffic as a result of an accident I always get a little nervous and impatient but what made it worse this morning was the taxis and people driving these large 4 x 4s. It was a narrow road and as they became impatient they drove over the curb and passed very close to my vehicle in order to find another way round.

It was extremely windy and cold this morning. The Metro cops struggled with the blanket, the wind kept on lifting it. After about 15 minutes they had gathered about 20 bricks from the area and placed them on the silver blanket covering the body to keep the edges down and in place.

When they allowed me to continue I saw the feet and that is when I realised the body was too short … there had been no head.

It is a daily occurrence for me to come across accidents. I was in a light accident a couple of years ago and I dread being involved in one again.