So WA – my office mate at work, arrived late this morning and a bunch of us were waiting for her. We could not continue until she had done her bit.

WA, who has been permanently attached to the phone for 2 solid days, paused her calls today, to inform me that because she is a single parent, we will all have to make adjustments because she has a problem child.

WA and the boss had a frantic shouting match but it did not affect her. She happily told me she is doing a very good job, although the boss has made it clear that she has become unreliable. She lost the company keys, bungled orders and neglected customers.

Before WA left for the day she asked the boss for a huge loan, which he granted her probably because he was feeling regret over the things that had been said.

WA was happy munching away as usual, purse full of money and I am stuck doing the work she does not get to because she always has personal traumas.