I’m feeling tired tonight but I want to write something too. So I am just going to ramble on and hope you read something of interest.

WA my office mate took 2 days off because she is struggling to get maintenance money out of her no-good ex husband. What annoys me is that she told the boss that her child is sick. WA took a huge loan from the boss just last week.  I think she can at least tell him the truth.  Lies are not going to make things better. If WA has to go to maintenance court then she should says so, instead of this whole my child is sick routine.  I worked non-stop today doing my work and some of WA’s duties. I’m sure I will go to bed fairly early.

My brother phoned me to speak to me about a relative who is unwell. My brother and I have not been in contact for four years  because he behaved badly and felt ashamed about his actions – so he avoided me.  While we were talking his boss phoned him on his cell phone. An eerie chill went through my body when I heard the ringtone on the other end. My brother has the same ringtone as I have on my phone currently. Is that weird coincidence or what? Are we so similar in likes and dislikes even though we are not really in contact with each other anymore?

My brother has phoned me several times in the last two months but I have made it clear that we can leave things as they are. My brother has acted in what I call `self destruct mode’ several times in his life.

When he loses everything he has worked for and destroys friendships and just disappears for two years. I don’t want him to come back into our lives for another two years and then suddenly he disappears again for two years. Emotionally it drains too much out of me.  I am at a stage where I would like to be left in peace.

It is going to be a cold day in Gauteng tomorrow.