Usually  I follow a routine and lately I have found that if my routine is interrupted that I end up in a mess.

For example in the mornings I have my usual routine. Get up, turn on the radio, wash my face, put on the kettle etc. I hardly ever over sleep it is just little things that happen that put me in disarray.

One morning I got up early, got dressed and went out to open the gates so that the people from the garden service could come in to mow the lawn. It was wet and foggy outside so I put on a pair of ugly old shoes. Later on in the morning I was about a block away from my work when I suddenly realised, these shoes feel a bit funny and too my horror I realised that I was still wearing my ugly muddy gardening shoes! I wasn’t wearing my usual working shoes. After arriving at work I rushed to the ladies room where a little elbow grease and hushed swear words did wonders to brighten a pair of old muddy shoes.

Two weeks ago an early morning phone call threw my routine into disarray. I was happy all day blissfully unaware about what I had done. That someone in the office who I would like to impress came and enquired about something and I distinctly remember having to bend down in front of him, to get the item he was looking for. I have no doubt that he must have seen it … CRINGE!  At the end of the day I was ready to leave work tried to put my hand into the pocket of my pants and could not get the opening. When I finally found out what was going on I was shocked to find the pockets were facing backwards – I was wearing my pants back to bloody front! In my haste after being delayed by the early phone call I had not realised my mistake. Blush!

I want my usually organize and well groomed self back again.