We had planned beforehand that we would go out with a specific purpose on Saturday.
It had been awfully windy and cold Friday afternoon and evening so we decided that if the weather did not improve that we would cancel our outing.
We woke early and I had actually forgotten that we were planning on going out. The calm sunshine caught me by surprise and suddenly I realised I had half an hour to get ready.
When we got outside the sun was bright but the air was quite
chilly. As we were preparing to leave I notice a man watching us. It was extremely obvious that he was watching us because he kept on looking over his shoulder as he walked past.
When we entered the road he was standing at the house on the
corner looking into their yard. The man often looked over his shoulder to make sure he did not lose track of which direction we were going.
I was getting very annoyed. It was obvious this guy was up to no good.
We decided to go up a few blocks and then make our way back and approach from another direction. The man turned around as soon as he thought we had left the area went back to our house. When we came round the corner he saw
us and carried on walking but every ten paces he would look back over his shoulder to check our whereabouts.
I was furious. We cancelled our plans because it seemed that
we had been targeted by a scoundrel.