Anne and John are a young married couple.

John phones Anne:  John tells Anne that he was driving on a road in a desolate area when suddenly the headlights, radio and engine of the car just died. John describes how there was no power in the battery to start the car and when he looked up he saw a flying saucer with an extraction beam aimed at his car.

What really happened:  John is having an affair. John and his mistress were parked in a desolated area. All was quiet so John turns on the radio and as usual they move to the back seat. John’s mistress is having doubts about their relationship so they talk for a long time before having sex.

When John tries to start the car, everything is dead so he and his mistress walk to the nearest service station. John’s mistress phones a friend to come and collect her and once she has left John phones Anne and tells her the U.F.O. story to explain why he needs Anne to come and help him jump start his car.

Fact or Fiction:So John expects Anne to believe that a couple of Aliens were cruising along in their U.F.O. (short for Unreliable Friggin Orbiter) when they realise they needed power. The driver says to the Captain “We need power Sir! On the right is a town full of high rise buildings and power lines which we can zap for enough power to take us all the way home or we can teach this cheating louse, on the left, a lesson by zapping the tiny bit of power in his car’s battery which will take us to the next town”

Ten years later.

Anne asks John:“Did you realise I was abducted by aliens?” John who had been watching the big game on t.v. does not know what Anne is talking about. Anne tells John she was in the kitchen making his lunch at 13h00 and now the time is 13h40. Anne can remember a dream like image of a doctor with huge eyes who was probing her and doing experiments on her body.

 What really happened:  Anne was preparing John’s lunch, she walked to the t.v. room and she asked John “What do you think of my new outfit?” John threw his hands up in the air triumphantly and shouted “Yes! Score” John is so engrossed in the game he does not realise that Anne is in the room. Anne leaves the room, goes to the kitchen and looks out of the window. Anne sees the handsome new neighbour neatly groomed for his get together at the local bowling green. Anne goes outside and the neighbour immediately greets her and compliments Anne on her beautiful outfit. They spend some time getting to know each other a little better …

John’s team wins the match and when he shouts “where’s my lunch” Anne decides to tell him the alien abduction story.

Fact or Fiction:So Anne expects John to believe that a couple of aliens were cruising along in their U.F.O in their search to find the perfect specimen of a human to examine. They fly over a beautiful babe sun tanning in her tiny bikini but being alien to earth they think this specimen would not do. When they pass over John and Anne’s house they spot Anne through the kitchen window her new outfit looks like the wrapping which encloses something special – like the perfect specimen of a human to examine.