Sideview’s theme this weekend is Childhood. It was quite difficult for me to think of something positive.
In my childhood there was no Hannah Montana or Ben 10.
Excuse the age and condition of these record covers because they are almost as old as Gobetween herself.
I remember spending many hours of my childhood sitting cross legged in front of the hi-fi listening to these children’s stories.
My brother’s favourite was Rumplestilskin and mine was Snow Drop and the Seven Dwarfs. If I understand it correctly her name later changed to Snow White.
While I was writing this post I could not remember the difference between Snow White and Sleeping Beauty? I found this explanation:
Snow White’s evil stepmother kept thinking up different ways to try and kill her and finally the apple did but I think when the prince came to kiss her goodbye he managed to dislodge the apple piece from her throat and she came back to life
Sleeping Beauty’s evil stepmother made her prick her finger on a spinning wheel which sent her into a deep sleep for 100 years and also all the people in the castle slept too so the everywhere became really overgrown and then after 100 years a handsome prince decided to go and find out what was in the castle. He used his sword to cut all the brambles and branches out of the way and finally found his way to the princess’ chamber, where he kissed her and she woke up.