The word “Beauty” makes me remember The Beauty and the Beast series on TV, I quite enjoyed it when it first started, but as with all long running series it went downhill very fast.


In a twist from the original tale, however, this “beast” does not transform into society’s idea of beauty after gaining the love of Catherine.

I can see Beauty in a photo or a look in the eye it is difficult to explain. It is when you see something which is appealing.
Beauty in a strange butterfly. The wing of the male side is darker, while the female wing is more colorful. The reproductive organs were “fused down the middle,” – beauty in nature.
16 frisky Dalmatian puppies, tumbling and scampering in every direction as they are pursued by their owner. (Click on pictures to read articles.)
This photograph of the colourful, spindly-legged toad taken in Malaysian Borneo is the first of the amphibian, which was previously only recorded in illustrations dating back nearly 90 years.
The beauty of the look in his eyes when he sees me …. the best feeling in this world.