I have always said I will not join Facebook – it is not for me. A few online contacts have asked me recently what my real name is so that they can befriend me on fb.
I am half tempted but I’m still concerned about my privacy.
So I decided to have a little peek at my colleagues’ fb profiles. I did not logon, just had a little peek.
My branch manager has a delicate little flower as his fb avatar.
My boss actually looks good on the photo on his avatar.
WA my office mate has her whole family photo as her avatar but there is something hilarious on her fb page.
Everyone who has read any post I have written about WA knows how poor her work record is. She even got a warning this week for spending too much time using the phone. Well on her fb interests she lists I LOVE MY JOB.
I find it so amusing because I read somewhere that bosses read what their employees are up to on fb. Now I can’t help wondering if she thought it would make a difference at work?
I wish it was Friday afternoon … it has been a difficult week.