What if … computer technology ceased to progress in the 1990’s and there was no Pentium, ADSL, email, Microsoft Office or Photoshop today.
We would have a colour monitor, a mouse, cpu with stiffy and hard drives.
The printer with a ribbon cartridge would not be able to scan, fax or copy.
Word Perfect or Multimate Wordprocessing would be the software of choice on our office computers. We would not be able to insert any images. No coloured text, the only font you could get is if you owned a font printer and then the whole document was printed in a single font.
Print Master Plus, Splash, Harvard Graphics, New Printshop and News would be our only source of graphics whether we needed to create images or graphs.
Instead of HTML and CSS code or visual basic we would be writing in GWBasic (Quick Basic), Fortran, C and Turbo Pascal.
How about a lovely game of Space Invaders, Xonix, Tetris, Frogger, or Pacman?
What about boardgames like Othello (checkers), Card games, Backgammon or Chess? Remember no internet games!
Ok, I am exaggerating a little. From 1986 George Lucas created some games with cool graphics which changed things dramatically. Labyrinth , LOOM  and other games made the ASCII  code games obsolete.