It annoys me how reckless people drive in a subway. Driving to work this morning a taxi driver decides it is safe to reverse in the subway! It amazes me how many people think it is ok to make u-turns or overtake dangerously while travelling through a subway.
Don’t talk about my food! There might be some people who disagrees with me (it’s ok) but I personally cannot stand it when someone makes a comment about my food when I am eating. I’ll give examples, say you are eating a chocolate at work and a colleague says “that goes straight to the hips you know” or someone says “you have a chocolate everyday, can’t you bring me one too?” If people comment when I eat something my immediate opinion about them is that they are common.
Ma’am or Tannie I think it is extremely rude when people assume that it is ok to call you “ma’am” or “Tannie”. One can be respectful without calling anyone names.