Update on the brick through the window incident.
We spoke to our good friend who has a house on the corner of our block and explained to him what happened Thursday and Friday evening. He was alarmed to hear that someone had targeted not only our house but his too.
Then he proceeded to tell us this odd story. One evening last week he went to his usual club meeting. Parked his old car in the grounds and went inside. About half an hour later when one of the other club members wanted to go outside he found that a huge padlock had been put on the doors to the entrance. After the initial panic everyone calmed down and exited through a back fire exit.
When our friend approached the front of the building he realise that they had stolen his car and locked the building in case anyone wanted to pursue them.
The fright I got yesterday.
I have not weighed myself for a few years. I have recently started feeling much better after suffering from a bout of depression but I was aware that I had been snacking quite a bit lately and that my clothes seemed to have shrunk a bit. So yesterday I’m proudly telling my mom I have stopped snacking on chocolates and cookies. It has been two whole weeks and I have been very good. Sticking to regular meals and cutting out all snacks.
So my mom reckons I must weigh myself to keep track of my progress. I was confident that I must have lost some weight already. I am feeling good and a bit slimmer.

I get on the scale and boy what a shock! I am 15kg over the weight I would like to be. The whole night I tossed and turned as I tried to imagine where could I possibly cut my diet to lose more weight?

This morning I was complaining and my mom gets out another scale which says I am 7kg lighter. I am happy but confused. I take out yesterday’s scale and that too says I am 7kg lighter than yesterday.

Whether I made a mistake or the scale made the mistake I am smiling because 8kg to lose is much easier than 15kg 😀