I have combined the two topics below in this post.
It all started when my boss called me into a meeting. He announced that after I have been a long time employee of the company that I would be stripped of certain duties and a newcomer would be doing these duties including the ones she was given when she started at the company 3 months prior.
I asked the boss not to demote me and humiliate me and he laughed it off saying I was taking it the wrong way. Two days later the employee who was going to do everything and revolutionise the whole company decided she would be doing too much work for too little pay and walked out.
I could not let it go and became extremely depressed. For a week I sat crying and could not do anything else (together with another problem I had, it just overwhelmed me). I was lucky to get a week off work to pull myself together. I did not want to give them the satisfaction of seeing me in such a state.
This is when I started blogging. I decided to do it anonymously so that if I wanted to call my boss a spineless skunk then I would be able to do it. Blogging is very therapeutic and in a few months I became more positive in my attitude.
I think anger is constructive because it made me determined to fight back. I have had the opportunity too in the past few months to tactfully tell my boss what I think of him in such a way that he has not been able to take any steps against me.
The tables have turned and the department practically collapsed after I was informed that is would not be part of my duties anymore. I have had the satisfaction that the boss begged me to rescue the situation and I was able to reply – “I am doing as instructed according to your wishes Sir”.
I work for a company that supplies manufacturers with industrial chemicals. The boss is extremely lax on fire regulations and puts our lives at risk daily because of his miserly and lazy ways. Ventilation is poor and equipment is faulty.
I have chosen Gobetween as my pseudonym because the boss expects me to make all his problems go away. I have to play games with people to get this done and work around egos. I have combined Gobetween with Flames as my blog title because of the risk that is involved in my work.
Thank you for reading this post 🙂