“I’ll be at the restaurant at 8pm” he said to Angela.
“I will be on time” she replied and ended the call.
She looked out of the window and stared at the orange sunset. The orange glow seemed to bleed into the clouds.
Tonight was the night Angela had been waiting for. She had planned and anticipated every moment.
Angela went into the shower and stood under the hot stream of water for several minutes. She was making sure that she had thought of everything, nothing must go wrong.
When Angela emerged from the shower the sun had set and it was almost dark.
The traffic outside was quieter and she could hear the laughter of young people as they crossed the road hand in hand.
Angela dried her hair and applied her make-up. She removed the black dress with the silver trim from the cupboard. She slipped it on and admired her figure in the mirror for a moment. She looked fabulous. She put a dab of perfume behind each ear.
Angela took her flat purse and checked its contents. What a disappointment it would be if she went unprepared. She slipped on her black high heeled shoes and closed the door behind her.
It was a few minute after 8 when Angela entered the restaurant and was shown to the table where he was seated. He jumped up and grabbed her hand and expressed how beautiful she looked.
The evening was a blur to Angela, she ate and spoke only when necessary but as they stepped out of the restaurant she became alert and eager.
“Let’s go for a long drive” Angela suggested. He was agreeable; he would do anything to please her.
As the car glided along the road Angela remembered that fateful day two years ago when she and her little sister Jolene where eagerly walking to the mall. The sunset was beautiful, they were going to have pizza and then go to the cinema. Suddenly a car came out of nowhere and struck Jolene … the driver stopped the car and swaggered out.
Angela was kneeling beside Jolene as she looked up at the stranger, tall, handsome, the sunset twinkling in his eyes but he was slurring his words, he was not sure how it had happened?
Angela was abruptly brought back to the present when a car coming from the opposite direction suddenly appeared with bright head lights. As he complained she looked at him and saw the light in the eyes of the man who had killed Jolene.
Find a quiet place to park she said touching his arm gently. He nodded, smiled and pulled off the main road. He turned off the engine and they embraced. He kissed her and she put her hand very slowly into her purse and slid her slender fingers around the ice cold steel ….