When I was at school there wasn’t anything like computers. When I had to do a project I had two weeks in which I had to go to the library every afternoon, to copy by hand, as much information as possible about the topic and because it was 50c per A4 copy. I would only make a few copies of the pictures I needed and then I would go home and excitedly compose my project. Sadly my masterpieces would be considered dull in comparison with what can be done today.
The reason I have gone down this path of memories is of course my office mate WA. Her teenage daughter, SA needed some information for a school project. WA flatly refused to look up the information her daughter needed.
After school SA goes to the house of a friend. The friend’s mother keeps an eye on them until WA gets home in the evenings. The friend’s mother obviously started to get annoyed with the fact that every time a project had to be done not only did she have to assist her own child with the project but SA too. So this time the friend’s mother confronted WA and told her that the project was due the following day and wasn’t SA going to do anything?
WA made a feeble excuse and went to the manager at our work and asked him if he would look up the information. The manager who was quite busy at the time because of the backlog caused by WA’s frequent absences from work also thought it was a bit of a cheek and never looked up the information.
So what do you think WA did the next morning? She tells SA to stay at home and not go to school. When WA came to work she told us all how urgent it was that the project be done and it is all the manager’s fault. Neither WA nor her daughter did it though. Eventually the poor girl had to go back to school and got 0% for that particular project.
Not only does WA have a computer at home but she also has one at work. She was able to find Facebook but not the information her child needed …