Feeling a little annoyed with my work. The boss hired a woman who he says is highly recommended. The problem is I know him well, he is easily impressed by BS, when someone talks confidently and promises to solve all his problems then he does not check out their references.
She has asked me to assist her, which is normal I guess for anyone starting at a new company but for whatever reason I feel impatient and irritated that she does not know the work.
I am more qualified for the position and I know the companies well but management has chosen her 😦
I don’t like it when colleagues touch me and she has a habit of touching me and telling me how very sweet I am. Trust me I don’t feel very sweet at this point in my life. I feel moody and angry.
The boss has also hired a new rep. She is over 50 years old and although everyone made a big thing out of it I think she is just like any other person. I have noticed that her hands shake and she is very nervous. The thing that she does that irritates me is: every morning she comes to me for a little chat and insists on making a comment on my outfit for that day. I know she is just trying to make small talk but it is quite rude I think to do it so often.
WA has been demoted in such a way that she has too much free time on her hands. She eats all day and reads emails. They are trying to force her to resign. If she does anything she is insulted and anyone who goes near her gets the same treatment from management. Constructive dismissal?