The people who live across the road from us have a tiny white dog which has a habit of standing in the middle of the street. It is starting to bother me because:
For instance we are in the garden moving some plants from one bedding to another. I have mud from my finger tips to my elbows, strands of hair hanging from my ponytail, perspiration on my brow and other family members around me handing me tools and giving me advice and then suddenly someone hoots full blast right next to me. I jump up to see what is happening and this person slams on brakes, glares at us and shakes his fist.
This is not the first time it has happened and it is because everyone thinks that the white little doggie with its pink little jacket must belong to us and when it stands in the middle of the road daydreaming they see us in our garden and reckon voila these must be the negligent owners of the dog.