The new staff members have settled in and there is one thing that I always do is put people in categories; it helps me establish how to handle them and deter them from walking all over me.
The new rep I have decided to call her Liberace because she wears suits (yup, in this hot summer weather) which are made from what looks like old fashioned curtain material, the embossed or embroider type. Liberace is the type of person who wants everyone else to do the leg work while she makes the first contact with the customer with her over-the-top suits, everyone must do the other work involved with quoting, pricing and delivery and she wants the commission.
She has a tiny desk and very long legs and when she is in the office she sits at the desk and calls whomever she want to talk to, they then get up from their desk or come from where they are standing and talk to her while she sits with her long legs and glossy high heeled shoes.
Liberace is over 50 years old but every time she comes into the office she corners me to brag that a customer was interested in her. She has still got a lot to learn – trying to make me jealous is a wasted effort.
The other new staff member I have decided to call The Voice because you can hear her from the one side of the factory to the other, over and above the noise of loud machinery and the traffic from outside. She storms around like a robot on steroids and is hell bent on showing everyone that she is a whiz and she will show everyone how to get the place in order.
The char lady has been instructed that she is doing this and that wrong. The Voice even came in and moved things around in the store room allotted to me in an effort to show me how organised things can be. Well I showed her what a messed up system hers was and I must say an angry Gobetween is a frightening sight. She did very well in 10 seconds she had everything back the way I had it and could not stop apologising. I am neat and organised and I have been at this company a very long time.
When The Voice walks she stomps her feet with exceeding force, I can hear her come from a block away. She will storm past me and if I don’t give way she gives a sarcastic laugh like when you do when someone is very rude. I don’t see myself as being rude I see myself as someone who has seen staff come and go even the ones who were hired to revolutionise the system and were going to increase output. After six months the boss always decides that they have not increased money coming in and then finds a way of getting rid of them.