Last weekend we found ourselves in a position where we needed a locksmith to repair a lock damaged by would be thieves.
We had the telephone number for a locksmith we used several years ago but when we tried phoning Saturday morning there was no answer. We started to wonder if he had perhaps given up his business. I tried the internet but ended up phoning people who said they were not working as locksmiths anymore.
Sunday we spoke to our neighbour who said he knew a very good locksmith we should try. Which I did Tuesday, he had a look at the lock and said I should return another day he is going to look for some metal plates.

Thursday I returned and he fiddled with the lock and did not really do anything to repair the lock and charged me R50! He said I must return Monday and he will reinforce it with another plate, when I asked him how much that would be he said at least another R100. I was not happy with that. I explained that a brand new lock would cost R120 and that this lock was exactly the way I had brought it in, the partner of the business started taking an interest in our conversation. I included him by asking him directly if he agreed with this method. He asked the first guy “did you do what I told you to do”. After a bit of mumbling the second guy said he was in a hurry and on his way out but he would have a look at the lock for me.

He bent a bit here and there and oiled the inner of the lock and at least the key turned smoothly in the lock.

It took a full hour and I doubt that I will ever go back to them because I feel they tried to scam me for extra money. I get home all annoyed with this whole situation and we take a better look at it and the handle falls off because the locksmith did not replace an important screw because he was in a hurry. URGH!