One month to Christmas and the panicked search begins for that one thing which all children decide on at Christmas as the ultimate gift and every parent rushes to the shops causing great chaos in their effort to all buy this one thing. Once it is sold out all parents who were not able to find this particular item feels like they are bad parents and then over compensation by buying 3 overly priced gifts instead.
If I had children I would start working on my story now because who can afford expensive gifts?
Father Christmas loaded his sleigh with lovely, Blackberrys, Ipods, Xboxes, and Games and was making good time across the world handing out gifts to all the good boys and girls. Only Africa remained he allowed the reindeer to take their course as he tucked into some delicious iced cookies when suddenly WHAM! They are hit from the side by speeding Alien taxi. Unfortunately the gifts were all damaged or lost in the thick snow….
Ok, seriously it is now time to buy gifts wisely – compare prices. Plan what you are going to prepare to eat and what treats you are going to make because now is the time to buy the ingredients.