There are times when all of us feel a little invisible.
It can make you feel neglected and lonely or it could be to your advantage if you are unseen.
We had a neighbour visiting one evening, it was extremely late and I was at a stage where I felt now I need to get some sleep but this guy just would not get the message and leave. I was taking care of my mom because she had just had a major eye operation. We made coffee and I took my coffee and went to my room to do something and came around and sat in the armchair. The tv was turned on and there was also a small table lamp which lit the lounge. I did not say a word but as I looked up I witnessed odd behaviour from our neighbour who must have thought that I was still in the kitchen with my mother who was busy placing some biscuits on a plate for him.
He was looking over his shoulder, leaning sideways to the left and had his right leg almost completely crossed over the arm of the chair in an effort to hear what we might be talking about – what he did not realise was I was sitting across from him not more than two meters away and that I had entered from the side of the lounge. After a while he decided he could not hear a word we were saying and decided to creep to the door to get closer to us. As he straightened up and started to creep to the door he caught sight of me and with a startled jump he said “oh! Good there you are” and sat down again.
I was at work one day and my boss had a shouting match with WA, I silently carried on with my work. This is an often occurrence now and it is best not to get involved. After a few minutes WA left the office and the boss’s son came in and the boss said to him “Do you see … she shows no initiative!” only when he turned to leave did he realise I was still sitting there. He then tried to get me to agree with him.
My mom now calls me “the phantom” I disagree I have become quite attached to “gobetween” 🙂