I started blogging seriously last December and I have come to a point where I feel I have told most of my stories and I need something to inspire me to be more creative or perhaps to try something new.
I was part of a Question and Answer site which has closed down now and this also makes me feel that I have too much free time on my hands and am a little bored. I found an interesting theme on WordPress which enables the asking of questions and answering but when I suggested it as an alternative to my “friends” they rejected it flat out because it is on WordPress and they treat WordPress as if it is the plague.
Then I joined facebook so that I could keep in contact with them and I developed and instant dislike for the whole group setup because some members thought it proper behaviour to post inappropriate photos and then to belittle women who are not perfect model material.
I have been wondering if that particular WordPress theme could be used to open a blog where some of my blogging pals and myself can perhaps post ideas for the day or week or month and perhaps inspire each other on topics for blog articles, poems or photos. It could work if I could find 5 or more pals to join me.
Else I must really find another hobby or website to keep my mind occupied.