I got up at 6am this morning, the sunlight came streaming into the kitchen and the house already felt warm and stuffy, we started opening windows and doors to let the air circulate. The weatherman said it would reach 31°C today and tomorrow.
I have a few days left of my leave and am eager to do a few chores, the temptation to relax in this stuffy weather rather than work was extremely hard to resist.

I removed curtains and cleaned the windows while another family member kindly washed the curtains for me.

At 10am we decided that was enough physical labour and we are now taking a break before I tackle some chores which will keep me away from the heat of the sun.

I am not one to brag but today I am going to brag a little because the windows look sparkling, spotless and beautiful.

I hope the temperature drops a little on Saturday when it is our mother’s birthday.

Whatever you are doing today – enjoy it to the fullest.

taken from the internet                      This image was taken from the internet.