I am not feeling well today so I am taking it easy and sharing with you some interesting items I have come across.
A snowman is seen in Iran after snow forced authorities to close schools in parts of Tehran and other cities. (Vahid Salemi, AP) – http://www.news24.com/#0
Who has the time for all this precision? I think this House of Books takes great skill to complete.
Tip: How to grow a nose. (Voldemort & Pinocchio)
My mom is looking for a new handbag so off we went to the shops recently in search of a new handbag. You know how it goes when you take someone shopping, it’s not long before you see something you like for yourself. I see this gordeous handbag and I am thinking you are definitely going home with me …..
 … and then R800! You must be kidding me 🙂
What are you doing?