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Visual effects.

Some of my more regular visitors have noticed that I changed my blog theme. I kept my previous theme for over a year and suddenly I just felt a strong urge to change. Changing over to another theme is not easy. I settled on this one after testing different themes the whole day on Saturday and finally (out of pure exhaustion) settled on this one. I wanted a dark theme which was easy on the eyes. I found that on most dark themes the font was so tiny or faint that you would need a magnifying glass to read the posts.
If you go back to my previous posts you will notice that my photos seem a little elongated😦 and the links on the new theme are green which I am not very happy about but the layout and other options pleases me.
I also added a new fancy blogroll to the bottom of my sidebar. It was easy to do and I chose 10 of my regular visitors. I will add or delete bloggers as time goes by.
On to something totally different, my mom is a very down to earth lady and she does not like it when she sees story books or cartoons of talking animals wearing clothes. Her opinion is why teach a child that a dog or fox can talk when they can’t. Treat a child like an intelligent little person and give them factual stories. So when I saw this it reminded me of my mom.
Angry looking birds drawn with friendly faces.
Especially when you look at the eyes you can notice how mean they really look and how friendly the eyes look in the pictures.

I need some sleep!

I wish I knew how some people manage to sleep at work because I feel exhausted.
Any other bloggers feel this way? Is it a bug?
“The Aquaria Grande project will now include this virtually new concept its 37-storeyed buildings, which will have many other such modern amenities, and a futuristic design to boast of, in all its 200 apartments. Looks like James Law’s collaboration with the Wadhwa Group, might indeed change the architectural scenario of India”

Marilyn Monroe in my inbox.

I have done a couple of serious post so before I get all depressed and miserable again I have decided to do a fun post.
A few weeks ago I got an email from a customer and although her email was polite but formal in what she requested from me I was a bit surprised when I reached the end of the email and saw this picture ….
it just seemed a bit out of place for one woman to send another woman a business email with a Marilyn Monroe greeting attached to it.
The picture which actually reminded me that I wanted to put up the Marilyn Monroe picture from the email belongs to a set of paper art designs apparently by Carlos Meira unfortunately the link to his website which was supplied with these photos did not work for me but I would like to share them with you.


Working for a skunk.

I work in a horrible place for a horrible man. My options of finding work elsewhere are very limited.
As I mentioned two posts ago WA resigned (she is 39) and the following day the boss brought cake to work to celebrate. The reason for the celebration, he worked very hard at harassing and insulting her for over a year to force her to leave.
This morning when I came into work the new rep tearfully told me that the boss had told her last night that he could not afford her and it would be best if she left. She is 53 years old. Her 6 month trial period had passed, she had originally had a job offer from another company and my boss approached her and convinced her to come and work for him and decline the opportunity at the other company, so she really did not expect that he would not offer her a full time contract.
Both these women thought the boss was a wonderful considerate man and that the manager was a religious charming and polite person. I know these two men and how they operate and play with people’s lives and dreams. The rep told me exactly what I have seen for myself over the years that I have been there. They are false, backstabbing and mean.

If you are looking for a mid week post inspiration challenge have a look at the Wednesday theme inspired by song titles.


“Angels” is my favorite song of Robbie Williams and one one of my all time favorite song. Hope you’ll enjoy both the music and my photo, where you can see part of our Christmas decoration this year.
“Angels” е любимата ми песен на Роби Уилямс и една от най-любимите ми песни изобщо. Надявам се да се насладите и на нея, и на моята снимка, на която може дав идите част от тазгодишната, коледна украса.

Cee‘s interpretation
Fraqueza‘s interpretation
AbstractUnknownBoy‘s interpretation

Inspired by Weekly Photo Challenge, Frizz and his AZ Archive and Didi and her Video Friday, I finaly decided to make my own challenge. Of course everyone is invited to join, I’ll be happy to welcome followers, but if there aren’t any, I’ll continue doing it myself.:) If you miss to post on Wednesday, don’t worry – you can catch up another day.

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