I work in a horrible place for a horrible man. My options of finding work elsewhere are very limited.
As I mentioned two posts ago WA resigned (she is 39) and the following day the boss brought cake to work to celebrate. The reason for the celebration, he worked very hard at harassing and insulting her for over a year to force her to leave.
This morning when I came into work the new rep tearfully told me that the boss had told her last night that he could not afford her and it would be best if she left. She is 53 years old. Her 6 month trial period had passed, she had originally had a job offer from another company and my boss approached her and convinced her to come and work for him and decline the opportunity at the other company, so she really did not expect that he would not offer her a full time contract.
Both these women thought the boss was a wonderful considerate man and that the manager was a religious charming and polite person. I know these two men and how they operate and play with people’s lives and dreams. The rep told me exactly what I have seen for myself over the years that I have been there. They are false, backstabbing and mean.