Some of my more regular visitors have noticed that I changed my blog theme. I kept my previous theme for over a year and suddenly I just felt a strong urge to change. Changing over to another theme is not easy. I settled on this one after testing different themes the whole day on Saturday and finally (out of pure exhaustion) settled on this one. I wanted a dark theme which was easy on the eyes. I found that on most dark themes the font was so tiny or faint that you would need a magnifying glass to read the posts.
If you go back to my previous posts you will notice that my photos seem a little elongated 😦 and the links on the new theme are green which I am not very happy about but the layout and other options pleases me.
I also added a new fancy blogroll to the bottom of my sidebar. It was easy to do and I chose 10 of my regular visitors. I will add or delete bloggers as time goes by.
On to something totally different, my mom is a very down to earth lady and she does not like it when she sees story books or cartoons of talking animals wearing clothes. Her opinion is why teach a child that a dog or fox can talk when they can’t. Treat a child like an intelligent little person and give them factual stories. So when I saw this it reminded me of my mom.
Angry looking birds drawn with friendly faces.
Especially when you look at the eyes you can notice how mean they really look and how friendly the eyes look in the pictures.