September 1, new staff members joined the company. One woman in particular irks me. She is loud and at our very first meeting she sprang up out of the chair introduced herself and grabbed my hand and shook it. I just get feelings about people and I just wanted to get away from her instantly.
Most of you might think well there is nothing wrong with her way of introducing herself … I have this thing about people touching me. She immediately told me that we would get on very well which annoyed me even further because not only is she assuming but she is trying to manipulate me into thinking I must make this friendship work.
The first day she would not leave my side and kept on asking me personal questions and although I was abrupt and kept on saying “I do not answer personal questions” it did not deter her. Eventually when she could not get anything out of me she said “it is ok, I get on well with people who are much older than me”.
She was assigned to work for my manager in another department and luckily after that first week had past I have very little contact with her. The second month she said she wanted to put everyone’s birth date on a calendar. I gave the date of my birthday but not the year, she wanted my cell phone number then I told her “those who need it have it” then WA my office mate told me that this woman approached her and asked her if she would give my cell phone number to her, WA and I have worked together for 7 years and she knows my quirks and refused to give my cell number to her.
I emailed the boss and the manager (knowing how sloppy they are with personal information of employees) and requested that my personal details not be made available to this woman. The boss called me one side and promised me that all staff information was stored off site and I need not worry about their procedures.
A month later this woman had compiled her birthday calendar and when I saw it a staff member’s details was on it who had left the company in August a month prior to her starting at the company – so where did she get his details from? Surely the manager who is also HR made some company records available to her.
Last Friday I get to work and the boss is immediately in my face, “GB, I need a favour … please go to you inbox … and delete the email I sent you …” He stands watching over my shoulder and I tell him it is done.
When he leaves the office I check and see that it is the bank statement he sends us every morning so that we can check which customers have made electronic transfer payments but this time he included the payments he made to salaries. This batch contained the payment made to my bank and to the HR manager. This email was sent to this woman who I especially don’t want to have my details, a branch manager at a second branch and a new counter sales person working at a third branch.
So this woman knows how much I earn and probably more which really annoys me.