I still love Sam Brown’s song “STOP, before you tear me all apart … you better stop before you go and break my heart … time after time I try to walk away …” so it is quite difficult to focus on a post when all you want to do is sing along with her.
If I had the power I really would like to be able to stop taxis from driving on our roads in South Africa.
This is a major intersection at a mall. The red taxi and the white car have gone over the stopping line at the robot and they are in the intersection. I am parked just behind the stopping line so it gives you an idea how far into the intersection they went before they were able to come to a halt.
The driver of the red taxi then got out and kicked all 4 tyres of his taxi to check if they were inflated and then he got back into the taxi as if everything was normal.
The yellow arrow I have inserted (in the photo below) shows the lane and direction of traffic they are blocking.
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