Some bloggers have read my posts about my boss (Skunk) for two years now. Although I try not to complain about my work too often on my blog I am sure it has become apparent to all, how deeply unhappy I had become in the situation I found myself.

Background facts:

  • I was unemployed and struggling to find work for years after Affirmative Action first came into force.
  • My brother contacted me and said that he knew of someone who wanted an admin lady.
  • The Skunk hired me but from the first day I was given instructions on the side to make fire under the lazy accountant to get things done.
  • I was instructed that everything was to be done through emails.
  • Eventually when I complained to the Skunk and said but 5 emails down the line, accounts still have not been attended to I started getting public rebukes from the boss for being difficult to work with.
  • But after each episode he would come to me and say “GB you are right, you are wonderful & I love you”
  • At first I thought I could cope …  but as several years passed, I felt degraded and as if I was not achieving anything positive and that I was being manipulated.
  • The accountant would block my access to company files and programs, in order to hinder me from doing my work, eventually I worked around him because if I complained I looked like the unreasonable one. It took its toll on me and I became the company bitch because everything was becoming a mission to complete.
  • I was doing office admin, debtors and creditors and one day out of the blue they called me into a meeting introduced me to a woman with a revealing neckline and told me my pay was being cut, she was doing creditors in the future and basically it came down to I was nothing and must remain in the background.
  • My health took a dive and I fell into depression and could not stop crying.
  • I took a week off work and cried every moment of it but pulled myself together, fortunately.
  • I grew up very fast in the following months and faced the facts. Several women resigned in that position and several new low necklined women were hired and I continued in the position of general office duties and debtors.
  • The accountant is also the Human Resources manager of the company and I got a letter from the SARS tax office that I had supplied fraudulent details to them. On investigation I found that the HR manager had entered my details incorrectly onto the online SARS tax filing system (EFILING).
  • The Skunk denied that the company was responsible for the error and said I had supplied the company with incorrect details about myself. My argument that I do know how to spell my surname correctly fell on deaf ears. When I went to SARS to sort out the problem in person I was given a disciplinary review by the Skunk and brought to a disciplinary hearing.
  • Before I started there the Skunk did not know what was going on in his accounts, it was the accountant’s domain. I fought desperately to do my work and ended up paving the way for others to come in and reap the benefits of my hard work by them being given total access to everything.
  • Seven years down the line I made up my mind because I was not advancing in the company and all the duties which the hot shots were being paid for I ended up doing.
  • I made myself a promise that if I got a job offer I would take it immediately – I did not want to resign and be stuck without employment.

Last Friday, 10 March I went to work, as usual I had just put down my things and the phone rings. A crazy lady (S) who I dealt with many years ago and who I had not spoken to in two years asked me “are you still interested in leaving your job?”  I replied yes and was granted an interview with her boss Friday after work. After I put the phone down panic struck, would I find the place, I did not have a CV on me what had I said yes to?

I quickly typed a CV and pulled myself together, oh and thank goodness for Google Maps. I will continue writing about the interview and this week’s events in my next post.