I started my new job yesterday. I panicked and had many doubts when my new department head called me in and discussed my new duties. I am concerned that I might not get the hang of the new company quickly enough.
No matter how uncertain I felt about this move I have done things these past two days which I was not allowed to do at my previous place of employment because the accountant there had an insecure personality and wanted total control.
It brings tears to my eyes to think that these people have only met me two days ago and I am allowed so much access to do my work whereas I was so resticted at my previous job for so many years.
It was never a matter of trust because my previous employer said to me many times that I am the only one he can trust.
The only thing I must force myself to do is get use to the extra two hours a day of work.
I will try and catch up on everyones posts over the weekend. Keep well. 🙂