Last weekend I decided to try the schedule a post function on WordPress for publishing later on in the week. If you have not tried scheduling a post I would recommend you try it because it is easy to use and works great.
I work longer hours now and in the evenings after I have responded to comments I feel too tired to start writing a post so last weekend I did two posts and here is how you do it: Goto New Post and look on the upper right of your dashboard new post page.

Click on edit and if you want the post scheduled for publishing on 15 April you insert the date and click on ok. You will see that where it usually says Publish will now say Schedule. Write your post as usual and then click on the Schedule button when you have finished. You can always return to the scheduled post and make changes before posting by going to all posts.
I was so sad and unhappy …. no internet 😦
When I wrote these posts last weekend I did not know that I would not have internet during the week and that is why I am so glad my posts were still able to go out. THANK YOU to each and everyone who has visited my blog especially in the last 7 days even though I was unable to login. Apparently there is a problem at our exchange which caused the problem. I hope to catch up on everyone’s comments and blogs. Thank you especially to everyone in the screenshots below.