I was in a car accident once. I forgot the most important thing one should never do and that was to follow the person who caused the accident and moved my car off the road.
When the Metro cops finally arrived, they did not have the equipment with them to test if the other driver had been drinking. I was informed that they test a driver for drunk driving only when someone has been injured.
The cop said he can only write up a report of what he could see and the fact that I moved my car makes it difficult to see who was at fault.
I did not take the case further because who would believe that someone could be stupid enough to make a U-turn in a subway. The guy was also a flat broke loser driving his girlfriend’s car. I paid the damages on my car because I had no insurance and neither did they.
Anyway I hope someone reading this will tell the story to a learner driver who might be wiser in such a situation than I was.
Here are some more pics from the internet.