I was standing in a queue at our new Dis-Chem Pharmacy reading their delightful sign which went something like this:
The seating and railing are not part of a jungle gym therefore Dis-Chem does not take liability for any injuries sustained.
I still had this image of ape-like children climbing about in the queuing area when a short woman with smudged made-up suddenly spoke to me.
She had a huge cut across her chin. It is very unusual for people to approach me and speak to me because I am quite tall and at times quite fierce looking.
She looked into my eyes and it was as if she just knew that she was standing behind another dog lover. She immediately told me that she had taken her ill dog to be put down and (she reckoned) that because the dog was in pain it bit her on the chin. She was in tears and told me that she never went anywhere without her dog and that she was devastated and that she could not bear to be alone in her house now.
Why do we get so attached to these little buggers?
I don’t know … all I can say is I love dogs too much.