George Michael refused to appear in his video for Freedom 90. At that stage of his career he was more cynical about the music business than he had been before. Instead the most famous supermodels of the ‘90s appeared in the video and mouthed the words to the song.
The three items from “Faith” that had come to symbolize George Michael’s career at that point: his leather jacket, jukebox and guitar were destroyed in the video symbolizing a break away from his past image as a heterosexual male. More info at the following links:
I was once a victim of mental abuse and did not have the freedom to make my own choices or live my life the way I do today. I hardly went outside and was trapped indoors so the following photo means freedom to me.
Freedom: being in the garden, listening to the birds sing, enjoying the beauty of nature, feeling the breeze on my face and watching the bees collect pollen.
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