Many bloggers visiting my blog do not have their blog link on their gravatar. It is a good thing to attach you blog link if you want people to find your blog easily. To test your link simple place your cursor on your name wherever you have commented and the link to your blog should appear at the bottom of your search engine.
How to link your blog to your gravatar:
Start by going to your home page on your blog, see the address bar which is located at the top of your search engine, left click the mouse to select your blog url, (which is http://…… ) right click and select copy.
Look at the navigation bar and click on the small icon of your gravatar, when the edit my profile page comes up click on the large gravatar icon. Which will take you to your gravatar profile.
Click on the down arrow next to My Account, click on Edit Profile and then click on My Links.
Right click in the box which says Link Url and paste your blog link into the box, in the link title box you can put your blog name, click on add.
NOTE: It takes a couple of hours to update so check it the following day to see if you are happy with the results.