I have been at my new job for 5 weeks now and I can finally post my opinion on the situation. My opinion is that I am extremely disappointed.
I am not disappointed that I left my old job because that had become like an old relationship which was never going to improve or change.
I am disappointed that when the new boss offered me a job, he told me that he was desperate for someone to start immediately and that I would be paid on the last day of every month.
The disappointment I am experiencing is largely my own fault too for assuming many things. I assumed that because this company supplied my previous boss with stock that it was a well established company with a good reputation and that I was making a move to a new company not entirely unfamiliar. Was I wrong? – In a big way!
The very first thing I noticed was: if the salesman told the boss get the blue one, he would think it a good idea and get the blue one, if the clerk said but the yellow one is better he would change everything around and get the yellow one. The boss cannot decide for himself.
They have changed my starting time and working hours 3 times, my duties have been change twice and then back again.
After being there 3 weeks, I heard for the first time that the company is in major financial trouble because the partners are stealing from the company. I was flabbergasted … why offer me a job if the company is going under?!
One unhappy staff member told me the boss loves `headhunting staff’ from his competitors, making them feel that he must have them immediately and then once they work for him treating them badly. I had not told her that he had already used this method to get me to work for him.
Suddenly I was informed that the one branch was closing down to cut costs and all the staff were joining us. We are now 9 people in this small section. Mainly Black, Chinese and White staff which consist of men and women and we must all share one toilet which does not flush properly.
They have recently moved their accounts from Quickbooks to Pastel and the whole system is poorly setup and it takes half an hour to do the most simplest of tasks.
On Friday I was told to work faster and contact customers for money and inform them which bank account to use because the other bank accounts were blocked because of a partner’s attempt to clear out the funds.
This took so long because I had to contact 200 customers get email addresses, which the branches were already suppose to do – but didn’t, inform customers of the new banking details, email details and request payment.
New phones were being put in for the staff members joining us, everything was mad and I had the boss breathing over my shoulder wanting to know how much money I was bringing in. By 11am I had not stopped for one moment, I started shaking … actually I noticed my neck and head shaking and my forehead was hurting. I realise I was not well. I had not eaten since I had some cereal at 6am. I gulped down half a sandwich while still working – then I took pain killers. Then I went to the one and only toilet, I reached it just in time and started to vomit.
I still haven’t received my salary, I am being hounded until I become physically sick and then 6pm Friday night the boss phones me to find out how did I progress during the day.
I don’t give up easily and I stayed at my previous employ for many years even after I saw that it was not going to work because I did not want to be unemployed.
I cannot make it work at this place and this morning when I woke up I decided I must start looking for something else no matter how much effort I put into this one it is not worth the effort even though I was learning quite a lot about accounting.
The unhappy staff member I mentioned above got into a squabble with the boss because she said she made a mistake and was sorry. He said to her “never say you are sorry, only weak people say they are sorry” and when she discussed the salaries with him he said “that one we’ll pay next week … GB is not important, that one can wait”. I am a very quiet but loyal person and if anyone refers to me as not important then I should not waste any time being loyal to them.
One can argue that English is not his first language and that maybe he did not mean it that way but at my old job I got paid every Friday and if there was a problem the boss would apologise for the delay. I was taught to have proper manners and to respect others.