Getting along with other people has always been difficult for me. I grew up with no contact with other children, except for my two little brothers. I have often wondered if my secluded childhood might be the cause of why I don’t easily get along with other people.
Often other people are not interested enough in creating a friendship with me – unless they can gain in a significant way – which is not the type of friendships I am interested in.
My online friendships have all seemed to go the same way as real life friendships. Some people come onto my blog with a storm and comment on five posts and give likes and seem chatty and likeable and then after 2 weeks I never see them again.
One person emailed me daily and was so friendly. After I gave her step by step tutoring on how to set up her blog, create and publish posts and how to load youtube clips she did not bother contacting me again making it clear all she wanted from me were instructions on how to become a blogger. I usually help anyone who asks for assistance. so no one has to pretend to be friendly with me.
I have been visiting a respected local chap’s blog for over two years now and I have always left favourable comments on his posts. Suddenly I noticed that he does not visit my blog but still visits other local bloggers. I can’t help wondering why is he avoiding me.
The question and answer group I was a member of were unhappy because there were rules and regulations. When the site went bust everyone said we must stay in contact and continue doing a question and answer thing on our own but no one made a real effort to stay in contact or support anyone who created a question and answer site.
I hate begging people and after checking if there is any interest I will turn my back and walk away because some people or too negative and are not worth the effort.
If you have a true friend I hope you treasure that person because I have not found one yet. I have friends but not someone that I can confide everything to and rely on.