I have a similar routine every work day morning while getting ready for work. Some mornings I go online and have trouble convincing myself to get ready for work and the day before yesterday was such a morning.
I was sipping my coffee, commenting on blogs and momentarily forgetting that it is not weekend.
A few weeks ago, I bought a brightly coloured jacket and with the weather being quite nippy in the mornings I decided I would like to wear this new jacket. These bright ideas usually pop into my head when it is really too late for fancy wardrobe changes.
I was still at the computer when I looked up at the wall clock and with a screech of horror realised I had 30 minutes to create a miracle transformation from pj chaos to smart office lady.
My hair was still damp, that is my excuse for sitting at the computer. Will browse while my hair drip dries and I drink my coffee, and then 5 minutes longer, and then only 5 minutes longer and then oh no!
In a flash I grab the hair dryer and with a gentle blast of warm air and some frantic finger brushing action I try to get my hair dry. After a few minutes I am forced to stop โ€“ static hair alert. Ok, no matter, I rush off to iron my new jacket.
The instructions on my beautiful 100% polyester, made in China jacket says cool iron. I set the iron exactly as instructed on the label. A freezing chill runs up my spine as I do not have my duvet wrapped around me anymore. Ok the iron is ready, and I am in doubt that the iron is hot enough, because the weather is so cold. I iron the whole jacket (and because I really hate ironing) I proudly hold it up for inspection to find that none of the creases have been ironed out. I set the iron a little warmer and re-iron the whole jacket. I get dress and look at myself in the mirror and the jacket is still creased. I decide to iron it on another day on a hot setting. I take off all my clothes, now my teeth are chattering, and I pull on a plain black outfit, painfully brush through my static hair and rush to work. The things I do … only when I am late!
I arrive at work relieved to see that everyone else is also running late and that they are busy unlocking the doors.
This morning I gave the jacket another chance, because it is really beautiful. I sprinkled it with some water and put the iron on a hot, but safe setting and I was finally able to wear my new jacket.