Apparently there is a feud between the two 79 year olds: Carol Burnett and Joan Rivers. Carol Burnett is angry at Joan Rivers, who pushed Carol into the ocean on a family vacation 30 years ago, and she was stung by a jellyfish. Joan never apologized.
Is the feud real?
“This seems like a case of two former pop-culture icons trying to use the tools of Kim Kardashian’s trade to produce some of her headlines. If so, that’s sad. Both of these septuagenarians are too brilliantly funny to lower themselves to this.
However, there are other possibilities. It could be a satire of reality TV. Maybe they think they’re playing a hilarious practical joke that the viewing audience will easily fall for. Or maybe it was an intelligent attempt to generate exactly the kind of debate that it has.”

While I was pondering on whether this was a publicity stunt, which would disappoint me because I don’t want to believe that Carol Burnett needs to do this type of thing to get attention.
I got a little sidetracked searching for more on this matter and landed on quotes from a book Joan Rivers has written:
Joan Rivers Hates Tom Cruise A Lot!
“he’s always got this shit-eating grin on his face, like he just got a note from his managers telling him that Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman are extending their confidentiality agreements”
Joan Rivers’ Outrageous Joke About Whitney Houston
“I hate Houston. It’s crawling with bugs.
“Oh, wait, that’s Whitney Houston; I’m sorry, my bad.
“(Can I just mention that Whitney looked fabulous at the Grammys?
“She was in mahogany from head to toe.)”

You might ask why I would post Joan Rivers’ horrid joke on Whitney Houston, well it is included in my post because I want people to see how she will insult anyone in the hope of sounding funny.