A customer phoned me with a complaint regarding one of our branches. I reported this to my superior who said I should contact the branch manager. I decided to do this by email. I sent the email to the manager and sent a copy to my superior to show that I was following her instructions. The branch manager took everything too personal and replied and copied the email to all the directors and managers of the whole company. I continued with my work and responded early this morning again and late this afternoon but he kept a constant flood of emails. Eventually I got the necessary paperwork from him but it took 10 emails for me to achieve this and receiving double the amount from him. What I actually wanted to say was: Don’t you love it when an idiot in a superior position copies emails to the whole company to show everyone how witty he is but when he finally concedes defeat he only sends you and email!
Some links which I post on facebook do not work, yet they work perfectly when copied into my browser’s address bar does anyone know why?
Nicolas Caged dressed as …..