I am at a stage where I want to make some changes regarding the blogs I visit and the posts which I am doing. I came across this new challenge and although I am not sure that I will be able to have something every week we will see how it goes.
I have always loved dogs. Eight years ago we lost 3 dogs which were at a very advanced age and it was truely like losing family members. I swore that I would never get emotionally attached to another dog again. Then a little abandoned stray arrived and decided to stay. He protects us and he is our little child too, he is my happiness when I get home. Some might find it boring because I cannot fully describe how very special and intelligent this dog really is.
Anyway here is our happiness waiting for his meal.
(The only time he sits still enough for me to snap a photo.)
This is serious business, you can see he is thinking “… but where is my food?”
He looks away from the camera hoping that I will not notice he is chewing the seed pods of the Magnolia tree.
Trespasser alert …. ready to pounce …. no doves allowed!
She was here a moment ago …..
I know what you are thinking, you are thinking well what has all these frowny dog faces got to do with happiness?
Well the answer is when he is happy and excited and playing catch with the ball. This amateur photographer is too slow to get him in a shot!
Happiness is when I feel his nose snuggling in the palm of my hand when I get home in the evenings.